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Hill country birding hotspots

The Hill Country is well known for great bird watching opportunities. Texas houses over six hundred species, two-thirds of all species found in North America. It’s also the only state where you can find the Golden-cheeked and Colima Warblers. Many endangered and threatened bird species are resident, making the Texas Hill country a unique and colorful bird watching experience.


texas hill country fishing & fun guide

The Guadalupe river is a hot spot for many fishers, tubers, kayakers and canoers. It’s also a favorite for swimming or just hanging out by the water. But what is it that makes this river such a great place for family, friends, and adventure to take place? No matter what activity you’re taking part in, you’ll be rewarded with time spent on of the most scenic rivers in Texas.


snowbird activities in the hill country

Population in the Texas Hill Country increases quite a bit in the fall and winter months as people flock to warmer climates. The locals refer to this tourism as “snowbirds” or “winter Texans”. But the moderate weather isn’t the only thing to enjoy around the Hill Country.