Snowbird Activities In The Hill Country


Population in the Texas Hill Country increases quite a bit in the fall and winter months as people flock to warmer climates. The locals refer to this tourism as “snowbirds” or “winter Texans”. But the moderate weather isn’t the only thing to enjoy around the Hill Country.

If you’re a snowbird or just seeking a Hill Country retreat, there’s a lot of adventures and opportunities waiting for you!

Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden – An ongoing project featuring a 77 foot 7-inch steel cross, and seven other Christian sculptures. Plans include building a 300-foot cross-shaped garden and opening the site for Christian businesses. It has great views of Kerrville and the surrounding Hill Country.

Flatrock Park – a scenic riverside park with a great deal of wide open space for sports or just for running around. It also has a boat dock for river access and hosts a River Parade each year.

The Riverside Nature Center – The Nature Center has an arboretum with over 140 species of trees, in addition to other plants and cacti. They offer nature talks and walks.

Y.O. Ranch – a popular exotic ranch with 40,000 acres filled with 60 species of animals, most of which can be hunted and/or photographed. The ranch offers regular auctions of axis, fallow, waterbucks, impalas, zebra, and many other animals.

Old Ingram Loop – Great for a scenic day drive shopping, lunch in the small town of Hunt, a stop at Stonehenge II (a replica Stonehenge), and views of the North Fork of the Guadalupe River.
Devil’s Sinkhole – The largest single-room cavern in Texas, home to four million Mexican Freetailed Bats.

Golfing – One of the perks of being a snowbird is taking advantage of the top-notch golf courses in the Hill Country. There are two private and one public course in Kerrville and several good courses within 30 minutes including Tapatio Springs Ridge Course and the Hidden Springs course in Harper.